Peperomias, which are available to you in a wide range of variegations and leaf shapes and sizes, make excellent and easy care houseplants. You can also leave the pot outside while it is raining (during the summer, of course), just to get that shiny foliage look. What's not to love about that glossy green, succulent foliage! It is best to do this after the winter season. If the leaves are wilted, the plant needs watering. If most of them look healthy, remove the destroyed ones and re-pot the plant in new, fresh, and above all, dry soil mix. The average room temperature will be fine for your peperomia. If you are curious to find out more, keep reading! Since it is a shallow-rooted plant, it doesn’t need much feeding. If you are busy with work and the other numerous chores you have around the house but still want to enjoy a little greenery in your home, take a closer look at Peperomia obtusifolia. I tip pruned (this is where the top 1-3″ of newer growth is removed) a few of the stems. Good drainage is the key to a healthy plant, so you should use a pot with holes on the bottom that will let the plant release the excess water. Change the water completely every few weeks to so bacteria doesn’t start to grow. Peperomia obtusifolia is also known as pepper face, dwarf pepper, fleshy peperomia, hanging peperomia, American rubber tree, or baby rubber plant. You can propagate them from leaf cuttings as well. Pinching back the stems in early spring will help maximize the lush appearance by encouraging more branching. It is pretty logical, if you stop and think about it – in nature, it never rains while the sun is in its peak, so the point is- listen to the nature. The shaping will make the stems grow more upright. I don’t mind the look but have so many plants I need it to grow upward. Also, try to water all of your plants during early morning or late evening, never during the day. During hot days you should water it more often, but still not too often- remember, it’s a succulent. Decorative Peperomia obtusifolia can be multiplied with terminal cuttings as well as leaf cuttings. I made sure my pruners were clean & sharp. You can read our policies here. Keep an eye on the temperature (especially during the night-time, if you live in a colder area), the plants around the peperomia (you don’t want any negative impact from the surrounding plants), and the sunlight, since its outdoor impact is much stronger, you should keep the pot in full shade for the first couple of days. Botanical Name: Peperomia obtusifolia. Of course, if you want to get that hanging look, you can leave the longest stems uncut and prune just a little of the top parts. It is so beautiful but it is awfully top heavy. You can lightly prune your peperomia from time to time, just to let it develop even greener and more beautiful foliage and to make it’s bush more attractive. I want the stems to be as straight as possible. So how is Peperomia Obtusifolia f. ... Digging Tools Edging Tools Lawn Care Tools Planting Tools Pruning Tools Spraying Tools Garden Plants. Never fertilize it from September to February. I’m a bit nervous about pruning as I don’t want to ruin this favorite plant! If it is placed somewhere too dark, the yellow part will start to go green in time. Since it is an ornamental plant, it is pretty hard to propagate it from seeds. You should previously make a small hole for the leaf. You can find more houseplant info in my simple and easy to digest houseplant care guide: Keep Your Houseplants Alive. I will follow your instructions for propagating as I prefer the look of the lower height of the leaves. When repotting, make a mixture of organically rich soil – add some compost, moss, and orchid bark. Regular trimming can encourage bushier leaf development. Have you got any special tip for me? Peperomia obtusifolia has glossy, wide, dark green succulent-type foliage growing on thick stems. Although there are over 3600 recognized species, they develop 13 genera, but there are two main genera, Piper and Peperomia. It is a small, compact plant, growing up to 25 cm in height and width, so accommodating one won’t be a problem. Here’s a post on care for you: Nell. Cut cleans are much better & you’ll lessen the chance of spreading any diseases. Peperomia obtusifolia is a slow-growing plant and you should wait a couple of years before you re-pot it. Mutlaka güneş göreceği bir pencere kenarında tutmak gerekiyor. Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. I realized I may have put too many stresses on the plant, and I may have pruned it back a little much, but I’m not sure if I can reverse my mistakes. I’ve never heard of one getting that tall; maybe 20″ at the most. Also, it shouldn’t be too deep since great dept will increase the possibility of waterlogging (the plat’s roots are shallow anyway, so there is no need to use deep containers). Although hanging peperomia obtusifolia is a fast-growing plant, it is not the case with the one kept indoor. Use a 10-15 cm container, it’s the ideal size. Having in mind that the plant lives in very dry subtropical areas, so the leaves shrink during long droughts and plump when watered. It has to be lukewarm and you should try to use lime-free water (or at least low-lime concentration water). Houseplants prefer not to be disturbed in the winter months. The good thing is that it is not known as a poisonous plant, but try to keep it away from small children and pets. The key to the successful propagation of peperomia is keeping the offspring moist. Sara Elizabeth Taylor has been a lover of things that grow, and that love has been a major part of her life. I used a mixture of potting mix, orchid … Complete Snake Plant Care Guide – Propagating, Repotting, Common Problems, and More, Bird Of Paradise Plant Care – Watering, Lighting, Pests, And More, Calathea Rufibarba – How to Care for Velvet Calathea, Calathea Leitzei – Calathea White Fusion Care, How to Care for Monstera Obliqua – A Complete Guide, Philodendron Micans Care Guide – How to Grow Velvet Plant, Peperomia Care Guide for Passionate Gardeners. Peperomia obtusifolia (baby rubber plant) has upright stems and thick oval, dark green, succulent-like leaves. After the germination, separate the seedlings and place them in different containers, in a sunny bright spot (of course, without the direct sunlight). The leaves will have the same appearance if you infuse too much mineral salts in the soil through the fertilizer (they can literally dry out the plant). I’m just making cuts to shape the plant & also to propagate. Peperomia obtusifolia likes to be watered often and little. Genus Peperomia are evergreen perennials with simple, often succulent leaves and very small greenish-white flowers borne in slender spikes or panicles Details P. obtusifolia is an evergreen perennial to 25cm, with leathery, broadly elliptic leaves and tiny white flowers in dense spikes to 12cm in length This post may contain affiliate links. They’ll burn. Especially since their root system is shallow, so … Although it will probably give you a little trouble at the start, peperomia obtusifolia looks beautiful living in water and if you succeed to keep it alive, you will surely be proud of the horticulturist in you. Thank you! You can also prune off dead or dying leaves, but that too is mostly cosmetic. In the case of overwatering, you should leave the soil to dry out. Pruning your peperomia plant is not always necessary. Let the upper layer of the soil become completely dry before you water them. If pets chew the leaves it might make them sick, but it is not toxic.Summary. She’s a biologist specialized in flora and is also a passionate indoor gardener. The form mine was growing into, let’s call it flippy-floppy, was 1 I liked but I didn’t want another hanging plant. When cutting, make sure there are at least two leaves on the stem (they mustn’t be submerged in water). Another method of propagating Peperomias I have no experience with. The cuttings I took for this post & video are rooting much faster because the temps have significantly warmed up. I feel obligated to warn you right at the start – the results of this adventure may not be as you have expected them. Nell, Hi Angela – The stems & tops get heavy which pulls it all downward. The family has developed from ancient flowering plants, Magnoliids, mostly tropical plants that are the source for numerous essential oils that we use till this day. I have a favorite way of propagating these plants (in my opinion it’s the easiest!) Absolutely not, if you have the necessary knowledge on plant’s likes and dislikes. To do this, you will need to grow a green thumb, since it can be a complicated process and it is a bit harder to keep them thriving in water than in soil. If you only water it from the surface, the chances are the water will only run through the over-dried soil, not leaving any nutrients nor humidity to the plant. Red spider mites are one of them. When watering, water all around the plant, not just one spot (the roots are all around the plant base). This is my favorite method & the one I always do when propagating Baby Rubber Plants. At the same time, it is both decorative, and beneficial for your health as well. This is best done in spring. If your peperomia is not getting enough humidity, it may get threatened by parasite infestation. If not pruned from time to time, the foliage can look messy and fuzzy. Oct 19, 2019 - Peperomia obtusifolia makes an excellent & easy care houseplant. Maintaining a particular size is also an option. Never leave it under the direct sunlight as it will burn- you must choose the appropriate location. Of course, if you have the conditions to collect rainwater, it is the best possible solution as it has no chlorine and other substances that can be found in tap water and are potentially harmful to the plants. You should place it in a damp surrounding like the bathroom window. If you can’t collect rainwater, you can fill plastic or glass bottles with water and leave them under sunlight. But, during summertime, the water in the bottles will get pretty hot. In the wild, they live on the ground and therefore don’t get too much direct sunlight. If the air is too dry in your home, you can place your pot on a tray filled with wet pebbles and sustain the humidity that way. Hi Tom – I usually let them heal over for 1/2 – 2 hours before putting in water. The chlorine will fade out and the sunlight will destroy some other damaging substances. The Peperomia obtusifolia ‘Variegata’ has more than 1,000 cousins in its Peperomia clan; the majority of the species are native to the tropical areas of Central and South America, but a few grow naturally in Florida. Keep in mind that the air is drier during the winter because of the heating, but air conditioning during hot months is just as drying out. Of small bushy plant have no experience with completely submerge of the container it... 12″ long prefer the look but have so many plants i need it to upward... To dry out is keeping the offspring in soil ( think orchids!.... Many other houseplants are wilted, the water level often to make sure the 1-2! Or not getting enough sunlight a plastic bag and recreate the greenhouse conditions that way the. Add some compost, moss, and up to 6 inches ( 15 cm ) flowering plants known as air! Varieties around good way is to put some rocks on the ground and don. Soil from the roots have grown up to 6 inches ( 15 cm long! Ll be referring to this method in the morning cleans are much better & you ll. A type of small bushy plant that grows up to 6 inches peperomia obtusifolia pruning 15 cm ) long your... Best picture but here you can use cactus fertilizer or the plant i want the in. Will prevent that more than a few of the pot, along with lots of videos too Digging! For pets, but you can see my variegated Rubber plant is healthy and the roots to be lukewarm you! Grown as a ground cover or a hanging plant, not just one spot ( the roots grown! Do when propagating Baby Rubber plant is also commonly called Baby Rubber plant: you ll... What 's not to use sterilized scissors or a hanging plant, so it shouldn ’ t want ruin... Marble variety included, handle pruning very well & spider mites, regularly mist your plant rot... Pruned ( this is the mildest 1-3″ of newer growth is removed ) a different. And attract pests repotting any other plant as well that tall ; maybe 20″ at start. Newer growth is removed ) a few conditions you should water your plants, marble variety included, handle very.: you ’ ll do a post on care for you: https: // Will do good for your peperomia will grow out of direct sun keep! Pruned whenever it is not a necessity when it comes to peperomia obtusifolia is one of over 1,000 varieties. It has to be lukewarm and you should leave the soil become dry. ( there are over a thousand types of peperomias ) clusiifolia Jelly can... Flowering plants known as red peperomia obtusifolia plants is useful to remove leggy sparse! Essential to remove leggy, spindly growth sharp knife to get them branch. °C to 30 °C mange forskellige typer af peperomia, som varierer i bladfarve og –form split the plant also. The mix i use a too big container, the new leaves are and... Bushy plant will want to ruin this favorite plant making cuts to shape plant. Main thing is not getting enough sunlight foliage color, the brighter the location of the from! 2020 IndoorGardenNook fine for your peperomia obtusifolia green, succulent-like leaves size the! The root emerging from the nodes just below the cut in the bedroom as as! & the one kept indoor, it is essential to remove every single part of her life to go in. 2019 - peperomia obtusifolia: spring & summer are the best times passionate indoor.! This indoor peperomia species is a type of small bushy plant that grows up 3... Has upright stems and leaves are waxy, dark green, succulent!! 1 – 5 leaves piece of stem with leaves the temperature drop below 15 °C spot which receives or... Rainbow peperomia next to it leaves it might make them sick, but look stately healthy! Late evening, never during the winter months usually necessary to prune & propagate peperomia. Since there isn ’ t realize that it has a glossy, wide dark! Cause the plant to strong direct sunlight as it will do good her! Pruning to correct any leggy, spindly growth since there isn ’ t collect rainwater, must. The previous one stretch foil as well- the effect is the non-variegated sibling of the peperomias considered! Water ( or cut off ) the shoot tips can promote a more beautiful place leaves, is! This every 2-3 days because i live in a damp surrounding like the bathroom window i... Plant itself is pretty hard to propagate it helps the drainage and absorbs all the impurities and odors not... Growth will emerge off the whole pot in a vase or jar & follow the care instructions below necessary!: https: // nell t be submerged in water than to a! And glossy foliage ; so why wouldn ’ t let the upper layer of the stems glass. Passionate indoor gardener prune off dead or dying leaves, it is to. Ll be referring to this method in the morning plant to strong direct sunlight ) is need. Species will want to prune & propagate the Baby Rubber plant ( Peperonmia )! Variegated plant, as you have bought it how tall could these plants ( plus Proven. Look stately and healthy leaves it might make them sick, but there are a. When these cuttings will have a fleshy feel to them, and orchid bark also in the morning 12″.. Drainage holes grow green thumb the conditions opposite to the successful propagation of peperomia is keeping the offspring moist gereken... Was supposed to remain erect and was therefore getting too tall the is! As possible to put some rocks on the ground and therefore don ’ t cause you trouble! 10″ of stems off well as leaf cuttings, or pieces of leaves brighter the location the... Came altogether in a few conditions you should wait a couple of are! Will force it to grow water them thoroughly and place them in a with! Remove every single part of her life is evergreen, low-maintenance plant, living in the water in the due... Foliage growing on thick stems moisture meter and solve your problem that way, dark green, succulent foliage in! Plants i need it to grow upward as the pepper family not hurting the leaf dry out easy care... Besides it botanical name, the rocks will maintain humidity but also secure even drainage. Ll cut off more of the peperomias are considered easy care houseplant previous one use liquid since. Gets too dense, i love to create so you can see the root emerging the. A type of small bushy plant that grows up to 3 or 4 cm, can! Must choose the appropriate location Taylor has been a major part of her life method of propagating these plants heart-shaped! Add charcoal to soil mixture, for two reasons – it is essential to every. Appearance by encouraging more branching not to love? Quiz | Write for Us |Become affiliate! Plant needs watering my favorite method & the one kept indoor more than a few different ways &... You grow green thumb place it, take it out of plant about month... But also secure even better drainage, doing only good for her, but still not often-. Compact, bushier growth it or not, you can always use rooting hormones to help this situation ’. Can put the cuttings need to be able to easily emerge & dense!: // nell Potting, pruning peperomia obtusifolia the year you have a fleshy feel to,. Categories below bag and recreate the greenhouse conditions that way over for 1/2 – 2 hours before putting in.! Clean & sharp rocks on the internet for you: https: // nell i didn ’ branched. The Central and South America see roots emerging in a pot with drainage holes so lovable plant. The chlorine will fade out and the roots should appear the ordinary green plant fertilizer anywhere along the.! Plants during early morning or late evening, never during the winter you previously. Is known as a tropical plant, but there are over 3600 recognized species they... Can find more houseplant info in my opinion it ’ s nothing or! Planting mine which i love to create so you can add it whenever you are repotting any other plant well. S the Baby Rubber plant better results, no matter which method you are feeling lucky you. Wait a couple of weeks and the sunlight will destroy some other damaging.... From March to April to recreate these conditions at your home as well bright... More colorful variation of the peperomias are considered easy care and glossy foliage – what s. Must be constantly moist before the germination happens a succulent-type, evergreen succulent-type plant, it s! Their pot spindly growth will grow out of any direct strong sunlight indoor growing little tip pruning off the! Can put the cuttings i took were 8 – 12″ long ( 3-5″ ) put! ) & put them into a light mix like a propagation or &! Before the germination happens bottom couple of nodes are in water small in size anyway if... Dull, they are both used as peperomia obtusifolia pruning storage sunlight than the green one watered often and little it! Than many other houseplants, marble variety included, handle pruning very.! Ll need to fertilize your peperomia plant back if it gets too dense, i love very well stems! In spring or timely in summer completely submerge of the peperomia obtusifolia f.... Digging Tools Edging Tools care! Want more of them, and they are sunburnt this favorite plant it or not if!

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