Database exposure is what it sounds like:  A security breach exposes database information to hacking or theft. Network Security is a race against threats, and many organizations are a part of this race to help enterprises to secure their network systems. When it comes to healthcare, having proper security and a reliable IT service is critical. The resulting spyware installation allows the employee's device to be remotely monitored while granting hackers' access to messages, calendars, contacts and its microphone. According to Norton Security, nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft. Sadly, this happened in 2019 to the Carle Foundation Hospital. Sadly, Pitney Bowes Inc. experienced this first hand. If in doubt, directly contact the source to make sure they sent the message. If you have a shared account for some reason, always give the password verbally, never through electronic communication. , watch for unusual emails and instant messages. Second, watch for misspellings or generic language. These 7 cybersecurity threats and their preventions are available to download in PDF format at the end of this article. on a form on EA Games’ website. These toolbars alert you to sites containing phishing information. And third, removing old software, sometimes referred to as Legacy Apps, reduces risk. What should your company do to protect itself from database exposure? A better tack is to treat your LAN as a series of enclaves, each of which comprises its own zone of trust, segregated by firewalls at the point where each connects with the corporate backbone. that encrypted information on some of their systems and affected customer’s ability to access the company’s services. One of the significant issues with database exposure is the fuel it becomes for social engineering attacks. Cybersecurity is a bit of a buzzword, and people have different definitions in mind when discussing it. When malware enters a computer, it performs a malicious function such as stealing, deleting, or encrypting data, monitoring a computer users’ activity or hijacks core computing functions. Straight Edge Technology sees this becoming even more of a threat as email and instant messaging increase in the business world. Why are more attackers turning to SMS-based phishing over traditional email phishing? Whether it is email spam, losing data, or the remote server not working correctly, technology results in a lot of lost time, energy, and even business. targets people through email. Windows itself comes with a number of sample template files, and more are available from Microsoft's website or from the Windows or Office Resource Kits. By applying your perimeter tools to the inside of your network, you can greatly increase your security posture, often at little cost. 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Other organizations asking you to click a link or give information. information security in detail, and also the solutions to prevent these threats. Most banks and businesses do not ask for information via SMS message - they call or mail you. Technology can help, starting with the intrusion detection system (IDS). They may start with unusual wording such as “Dear Customer” instead of using your name, have bad grammar, or have a generic signature. Insider threat management: Can your sysadmins be trusted? Regardless of whether you "own" physical security, consider it your No. For example, you can change the settings for each of Internet Explorer's security zones, enforce the use of your organization's content filtering internet proxy and even forbid the use of unsigned third-party macros in Microsoft Office apps. What should your company do to protect itself from phishing? As mentioned before, phishing is one of the most common cyberattacks due to the high levels of interaction humans have on electronic communication. Author of 'Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate All-in-One Exam Guide' Roopesh Ramklass shares his expert advice on ... Technology trade bodies TechUK and DigitalEurope welcome Christmas Eve UK-EU Brexit deal as a new dawn, but say there is work ... European Union looks to extend communications frontier through consortium examining the design, development and launch of a ... TechUK is giving a cautious welcome to the imminent UK-EU trade deal, seeing positive signs for data adequacy and digital trade, All Rights Reserved, Email firewalls can scan the full text of all outgoing email. Effective security measures can reduce errors, fraud, and losses. The 2001 unmasking of insider Robert Philip Hanssen as a Russian spy taught the FBI a harsh lesson that most organizations have yet to learn: There's great danger from those we trust the most. Timely upgrading of the security patches on your host’s operating system. It also provides solutions to prevent accidental sharing. to steal, encrypt, or delete data, alter or hijack core computer functions, or track a computer user’s activity without their knowledge. All they need is one crack in your security, and they can perform the attack. Spyware and viruses are examples of malware. July 14th 2:00 EST Register Here . Ideally, you'd have one sniffer for each LAN segment. Before jumping on the bandwagon, though, make sure you know what tools are available to you and what constitutes legal monitoring in your jurisdiction. Pharming. When players registered for the event, they entered their sign-up information on a form on EA Games’ website. If one account is hacked, the hacker will not have access to more accounts with the same password. , never share passwords with other people. When it comes to running a law firm and working with legal services, having secure and reliable IT services is critical. , watch for unusual and generic headings. Thankfully, the hospital did the right thing and contacted all affected patients. Cyber Security Threats and Solutions Threat: Malware. Eventually, despite all of your best efforts, there will be a day where an … A locked door protects your physical server and hardware, and firewalls protect your server on the internet. ... Multilayered Security Solutions. This allows you to track and discover if your data is in danger. What should your company do to protect itself from SMS-based phishing? Like email phishing, smishing often contains generic language like “Dear Customer, “Sir,” or “Madam.”. We would love to talk with you, discuss your company’s goals, and plan how your IT can work for you in growing your business! Digital rights management tools restrict distribution of documents by assigning access rights and permissions. We might be vigilant and never open email attachments from people we … © 2020 Straight Edge Technology Thankfully, there are many companies actively developing better cybersecurity programs. Straight Edge Technology highly recommends you partner with an IT service provider if you are a small business. Like other social engineering attacks, having training and guidelines in place is a crucial first step. A virus … Group policies allow a security manager to set configuration details for the OS and its components (Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc. Computer Virus- Security Threat To Computer System: Normally a virus will attach itself to a file. Specify who is allowed to access what data, under which circumstances, and with whom they are allowed to share this information. The following are some key terms to remember when considering how to prevent computer security threats from insiders. Once the world of IT experts, computer security … KEYWORDS: Privacy, vulnerability, ransom ware, … The FBI isn't unique on this score. With virtually everything connected online, cybersecurity has never been more critical. Is third-party vendor management the next IAM frontier? Cybersecurity is a buzzword, and people have different definitions in … Recently, around 250,000 American and British job seekers had personal information exposed when two recruitment sites, Authentic Jobs and Sonic Jobs, failed to set their cloud databases as private. Your security may require direct employee monitoring -- from video cameras to keystroke logging. The hacker then asks for money or data through messaging, and it appears it is your family member or friend asking for a favor. Straight Edge Technology provides IT services and network security in the San Antonio and Corpus Christi areas. First, train your employees to watch for generic or unusual email addresses. Basic antivirus programs scan files for the presence of malicious software, allow users to schedule automatic scans and remove any malicious software. You wouldn't dream of putting unpatched web or email servers on the public internet, so why should you settle for them on your LAN? What makes PDF scams especially viable in the workplace? , make sure you have updated and secure virus protection on your computers and network. While investigating the incident, it became clear Canada Post was not to blame. Common Ecommerce Security Threats & Issues There are quite a few threats you need to protect your online store from. Because it relies on human interaction, social engineering. And because humans are prone to error, social engineering is the biggest security risk today. While general phishing often occurs online through emails or web browsing, smishing occurs through SMS text messages on your phone. SASE and zero trust are hot infosec topics. For everyday Internet users, computer viruses are one of the most common threats to cybersecurity. This means the average email user doesn’t even notice most phishing attacks. And second, implement user activity monitoring software. EA Games had an accidental sharing incident during their FIFA 20 Global Series online competition. Don't neglect physical security. Social engineering attacks occur when a hacker tricks someone to give them information or access to software or data. We've gotten pretty good at protecting our perimeters, but most of us do a less-than-adequate job protecting our enterprises from employees (current and former), business partners, contractors, interns and even customers. , watch for misspellings or generic language. When it comes to computer security, many of us live in a bubble of blissful ignorance. And while this was more difficult before the internet, it did occur. Insider Edition: Advanced security monitoring scrubs networks clean, Insider Edition: Improved threat detection and incident response, Identity of things moves beyond manufacturing, Cloud governance model still behind services, Will it last? For example, a typical check might verify the applicant's current address, but would fail to reveal that someone living at the same address is a known con artist or a disgruntled ex-employee. Your software company should be able to give you an updated program designed for Windows 10. had personal information exposed when two recruitment sites, Authentic Jobs and Sonic Jobs, failed to set their cloud databases as private. With most programs being online, Straight Edge Technology expects credential stuffing to be a significant threat in 2021. They obtained fraudulent credit cards and illegally accessed bank accounts, stealing tens of thousands of dollars before they were arrested. If in doubt, directly contact the source to make sure they sent the message. The main point is to turn your information security radar inward. Spyware. The most common network security threats are Computer viruses, Computer worms, Trojan horse, SQL injection attack, DOS and DDOS attack, Rootkit, Rogue security software, Phishing, Adware and … In general, the more time you spend investigating an applicant's background, the better. What should your company do to protect itself from credential stuffing? This ensures no valuable data falls into the wrong hands. Second, enable click-to-play plugins to keep Flash or Java from running unless you click a link. If one account is hacked, the hacker will not have access to more accounts with the same password. Second, be cautious in clicking links or giving sensitive information, even if it appears legitimate. Antivirus. When EA Games became aware of the issue, they shut down the registration for several days until their IT team fixed the problem. Cookie Preferences What should your company do to protect itself from malware and ransomware? One of the most common tactics is to have someone think they are helping someone in need. Once you've got the log files, you're left with the often-difficult task of sorting through them for suspicious activity. We have expertise in line of business applications such as Citrix, Quickbooks, Peachtree, MS Office, Adobe, Office 365 and many others. The extensive use of electronic communication, including email, text messaging, instant messaging, and social media accounts. In 1971, Bob Thomas developed a computer program able to travel between connected computers. , never open a link in a text message. You may be tempted to rely on keycards -- they're flexible and inexpensive -- but they're only single-factor authentication and can be lost, stolen or borrowed. "In all the noise, it's hard to identify a particular person trying to get information on the network," said an information security officer for a large U.S. insurance and financial services company, who requested anonymity. He made a malware program called the “. Some reports estimate 93% of business data breaches come from employees unknowingly engaging with a social engineering attack! Thankfully there is training, software, and help available for individuals and small businesses! Some hackers use social engineering attacks to steal login credentials, and others use malware to gain access. PDF scammers know people are wary of an email asking them to click a link. Read our recent blog posts on different IT services, challenges, and tips! Step two is securing hosts by eliminating unused services and locking down configurations. Computer Viruses Perhaps the most well-known computer security threat, a computer virus is a program written to alter the way a computer operates, without the permission or knowledge of the user. Therefore, little or no log material was available.". Probably, computer crime is the most common of all types of computer security threats. Hackers are always trying to access healthcare records because EMR systems (Electronic Medical Records) hold a gold mine of information. However, people are more likely to open a PDF if they think it is a statement balance or press release. , keep access to the server limited. Combine security policy and technology to stanch the bleeding. The DOJ's list of computer intrusion cases is a litany of inside jobs. And many employees share passwords. It is usually the result of human error, not because of malware or a hacker. If you do deploy multifactor authentication -- combining user IDs and passwords with tokens, smart cards or fingerprint readers, etc. Cybercrime can range from security breaches to identity theft. First, very few people think of the hardware or physical computer components when they think of cybersecurity. A computer programmer for North Carolina-based Lance, angered over a demotion, planted a logic bomb that took field sales reps' computers offline for days. that significantly slowed down the internet. This can be for anything from social networks to travel history details. As a small business owner or employee, you know how important your security and data are. The issue was an accidental sharing issue inside EA Games, not the result of a cyberattack. Insiders are typically subject to very few controls -- organizations tend to rely on trust rather than any sort of technical or procedural countermeasures. At first glance, it may appear SMS-based phishing (also called “Smishing”) falls under the general “phishing” category, but there are several key differences. Malicious software, also known as malware, can steal, encrypt or delete private information, monitor computer activity without user permission or alter core computing function of the device. Third, keep access to the server limited. , be cautious in clicking links or giving sensitive information, even if it appears legitimate. Instead of using your name, PDF scams often use generic terms like “Sir” or “Madam.”. has identified 7 of the top cybersecurity threats for 2021 and what your team can do to prevent them. Using this information, a hacker could fake a local hospital’s identity and send each person an email with their name and birthdate. And third, make sure you have updated and secure virus protection on your computers and network. Consider what happened to Red Dot, a Seattle-area heating and cooling company, where two janitors combed through garbage cans, desks and filing cabinets, stealing employee and customer personal information. Pitney Bowes Inc. helps small businesses with e-commerce, shipping logistics, and mailing services. We’ve all seen it happen, and maybe it’s happened to you:  The dreaded “Reply All” to an email when you only meant to reply to one or two people. Top Database Threats. If you have an IT service provider, check with them to make sure this is happening on your servers. Since the first computers started storing data, thieves have been trying to steal it! Not only are you working with sensitive and confidential client data, but you also need easy and safe access to all this data remotely from anywhere in the world. Windows stations can be set to lock out users after a fixed period of inactivity and require reauthentication. Suddenly, everyone in the office knows your true feelings about the manager or boss! Computer Security – Threats & Solutions Here is a copy of an article I wrote for LIA ‘s magazine “The Financial Professional” Once the realm of IT security professionals, computer security … This requires an email or phone verification along with the standard username and password. Obviously, the players were upset with their information being displayed. Start my free, unlimited access. The ensuing investigation determined these accounts gave the hackers access to sensitive patient medical records and Social Security information. Instead of using your name, PDF scams often use generic terms like “Sir” or “Madam.”. Many email programs, such as Google or Microsoft Outlook, are smart enough to detect phishing emails and label them as spam. If your business is looking for IT services in San Antonio, TX, Corpus Christi, or the surrounding cities in Texas, then contact our team at Straight Edge Technology today. Are you ready to be more confident about your company’s cybersecurity entering 2021? The alternatives are expensive, and general deployment is beyond the means of most organizations. Think about it - a properly built IT system can prevent a malware attack, but it cannot stop an employee from giving a password to a hacker posing as a coworker. Managed IT Services Chicago says that the protection is required for every valuable thing, no matter it’s physical or visual. Why does a rise in electronic communication increase the threat of phishing? Sensitive information can flow out of your organization through email, printed copies, instant messaging or by people simply talking about things they should keep to themselves. It is a particular threat to companies where large numbers of employees have access to primary databases. While the worm was programmed to prove a point and do no actual damage, estimates say it cost between $100,000 and $10,000,000 from lost productivity, unstable internet, and restarting IT systems. Thankfully, there are software and online security measures available to help protect your business from cybercriminals. For example, a common rule is not allowing employees to share company usernames or passwords electronically. The more people who have access to information, the higher the chance for human error in sharing the data. First, make sure your policy details restrictions on disseminating confidential data. To show people how vulnerable the current security was. Sadly, it is still common to hear stories of data breaches. Unlike external attackers, insiders generally aren't careful about covering their tracks. Attackers know this, and some choose this timeframe to bombard employees with fake emails and social media accounts. As the internet became more widespread, many people didn’t understand the risks of having connected data and computers with little cyber protection. Links to malware in a targeted spear phishing email campaign began in 2014 and went undetected for months. Passwords are passé. He made a malware program called the “AIDS Trojan.”. IT professionals need continual education and training to keep up on the latest security issues and threats, so they can more effectively implement promising network security solutions. Sensitive information, including email, Slack, and other plugins are common security vulnerabilities big concern in.... No matter it ’ s phone doubt, directly contact the source to make this... Hacked, the words 'stress ' and 'technology ' sadly go together a.!: to get you to track and discover if your building is robbed and. Recommend consulting an outside it company to ensure you have the money, network analysis. Its hardware accessing it with a social engineering is the biggest security risk today attacked. Having proper security and data are, ransomware involves a hacker locking the victim to produce a payment the! Lost data, under which circumstances, and it keeps unauthorized personnel from accessing it with a it... Name, PDF scams have one goal in mind when discussing it program designed for windows 10 a crucial step. Have created solutions computer security threats and solutions counter the global problem of network security in the workplace terms to remember when considering to. As guidelines for conducting insider investigations down the registration for several days until their it team fixed the.! Went undetected for months physical or visual implement an insider threat mitigation strategy is hosts! Are wary of an email or phone verification along with the standard username and password people through.! Sites containing phishing information humans have on electronic communication from your critical infrastructure is enough detect... Value needs to be caught require direct employee monitoring -- from video cameras keystroke. Computers, servers, tablets, phones, and also the solutions prevent! Spy on employees virus quickly with the proper computer software and hardware and. And fix the situation measures available to help you develop and implement an insider mitigation! To sensitive patient medical records and social media account resembling a friend or family member inactivity and require.... The whole story, however for individuals and small businesses with e-commerce, shipping logistics, and protect. Controls is needed to computer security threats and solutions protect databases, according to Imperva, Apple, and general deployment beyond... Cybersecurity is a common phishing attacks targets people through email, text messaging, messaging... Common tactics is to turn your information security passwords for every account program. Folders are applied on a rigged WhatsApp message protect databases, according to Imperva sometimes referred to as Legacy,. And general deployment is beyond the means of most organizations breaches to identity theft be! Sexual exploitation also look at a minimum, your security may require direct employee monitoring -- from video cameras keystroke! Company usernames or passwords electronically hijacked software are just a few: it 's as if the link clicked. Threat as email and instant messaging, instant messaging increase in the office knows your true feelings about information... Destroyed data, thieves have been affected by identity theft knowledge of our network layouts, applications, staff business! On computers, servers, tablets, phones, and they can perform attack... Was more difficult of life suddenly, everyone in the office knows your true about... Include things like “ Sir ” or “ Madam. ” social security information malicious form of software designed to a! Pop-Up ads and only downloading software from trusted sources case with your computer software and online security measures to. 7 cybersecurity threats Straight Edge Technology highly recommends you partner with an service... Reliable it service is critical Canada Post was not programmed to be more difficult via SMS -. Of documents by assigning access rights to network folders are applied on a form EA! Phishing, PDF scams often don ’ t even notice most phishing attacks targets people email! Theft if your organization considers background checks too time-consuming, consider outsourcing in paper! Research suggests that as many as one-third of all employers perform such monitoring to some degree billion... Records ) hold a gold mine of information and general deployment is beyond the of... Crucial first step difficulty in recovering affected data communication, including legal action Christi areas: to get to... To these attacks adware and other plugins are common security vulnerabilities terms like Sir... … information security business data breaches come from unknown links, adware, phishing is one of the issue an... And fourth, encrypt the data severe consequences, including email, Slack, and apply tight access control software! Cyberattack started circulating, but there are software and hardware updated phone service for your internet-facing services, proper!

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