Preheat oven to 450°F. Place them on a lined baking sheet and freeze until solid, then store in an airtight bag in the freezer. I also make biscuits with butter. I have been cooking them at 500° and I have been folding the loaf on top of itself about 3-7 times to create layers. You don’t have to worry as much about it getting too warm in the dough and it brings together the dough more easily. 1. I have found that using 2 cups of White Lily self-rising flour, an extra teaspoon of fresh baking powder, 1/4 – 1/3 cup of cold shortening cut into chunks, and about 3/4+ cup of cold full fat buttermilk works. It’s a debate I’ve heard among many bakers and even within the comments of my blog so I decided to tackle another round of baking experiments. It was a very strong point of contention with Grandma: “CLABBER milk has fat, and is churned to make butter and buttermilk!” A very well written and obviously well researched topic. Replace the milk and fats with whipping cream. Everything is better with more butter!!! Since the ingredients are so simple, I can scale the recipe up or down. Brush biscuits with melted butter if desired. Having spent the WWII years on the N.C. farm of my maternal grandparents I watched my grandmother make sheets and sheets of biscuits every morning. Do NOT knead the dough. Or, is this supposed to be weight? Thanks!!!. Southerners generally prefer self-rising. That’s why I would suggest using 50% butter and 50% shortening – or some similar combination – to get the best of both worlds if you’re baking cookies. Keep reading to find out how butter and shortening impact everything from the dough, appearance, taste, and texture of your typical buttermilk biscuits and to find out which was my favorite! Tried this wonderful recipe with butter and they were amazing, family loved them, soft, fluffy, and buttery tasting. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa4ca53dc70b12a9a7297b2971643cfa" );document.getElementById("de763cd8c1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Don't subscribe hm! The butter version rises the highest — look at those flaky layers! Other than that, love you’re posts. I also brush the tops and bottoms of the biscuits with butter. Now, a question. I'm a professionally trained chef, cookbook author, and cookie queen. Step 5 BAKE 15 minutes or until lightly golden brown. Don’t see anything below the title of the recipe. When bitten into, the butter biscuits were moist and slightly spongier than the shortening biscuits. The puffing of the butter/dough does no good if there’s no layers to expand within- this is basic ‘puff pastry’ logic after all. I am in Alabama and I self taught using Lard. These pockets turn into that beautiful light and flaky texture we crave with biscuits. These buttery, savory biscuits go with just about anything. Even when both fats were chilled in the same freezer for the same length of time, the butter was significantly more solid which made it easier to retain chunks of butter while mixing the dough. Let stand 2 to 3 minutes before serving warm with your favorite Smuckers® Jam, Jelly or Preserves. Wonderful! Add the butter or the shortening and pulse the food processor several times to cut the fat into the flour until the mixture resembles coarse meal. Try More Biscuit Recipes from Our Recipe Box 1 / 25Easy Cheesy BiscuitsI'm a big fan of homemade biscuits but not the rolling and cutting that goes with them. When I was 10 (60 years ago) my mother taught me how to make biscuits. I know it is easier to find, but I thought Martha White hot/rize or White Lily (only if Martha White is not on shelf) was best. The key to making fluffy homemade biscuits is not to overwork the dough. Actually, I’ve never seen either of those brands here in Arizona. Turn dough out onto floured surface. Good comparison post. Leaf lard is the only lard to use but it is hard to obtain and expensive. Those biscuits were never rolled and cut, after a quick beating in a large bowl my grandmother would simple pull off a biscuit sized lump and with a deft roll place them on the baking sheet, always just touching each other. Something about the season and the winter wheat and magical spells that only work in Dixie. I substituted the shortening for pureed chick peas. Instead, it all came together in a slightly sticky, shaggy mass. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar. I would assume freezing would be the best way (I had to freeze the shortening to make it workable). When I make these with my kids, it feels like she’s with us. They’re super helpful! Over 200 pages with 50+ cookie recipes that'll make you a COOKIE PRO. There is no steam created in shortening dough that lends the same light, airy flakiness as with butter dough. You can also store them in the freezer for up to three months. Wish your recipe and article was the 1st on google because it’s wonderful and most of the others are terrible. Easy Drop Biscuits. White Lily used to be absolute best flour, but the brand was bought by a big flour maker and production moved to another plant and now it performs about like the big brand, I don’t recall whether it was Fold Seal or Pillsbury or another. Use a 2-inch round biscuit cutter to push straight down through the dough to cut out circles, try not to twist the cutter. Would using clarified butter give you the flakiness of Crisco without the added water? It’s so easy it eluded me for years. Well… Except for the whole trans-fat thing. —Betsy King, Duluth, MinnesotaGet RecipeTaste of HomeGrandma's BiscuitsHomemade biscuits add a warm and comforting touch to any meal. I ended up using close to 5 cups of flour just to make 10 biscuits. That’s where a great simple biscuit recipe comes in. Gently pat the dough out until it’s a 1/2-inch in thickness. It's almost impossible to resist eating one right from the oven! I offered two biscuits to Jared and made him guess which was butter and which was shortening and he got it right. 3. Love this post! The children love to dip the ready-made biscuits in butter and coat it with the cheese. If you like these small batch biscuits… They look delicious! This recipe (I used butter) is absolutely glorious! Any type of biscuit dough, or even pie dough which is very similar, is going to be more difficult to work with than a soft, smooth, and supple yeast dough. Did you use vegetable shortening or lard? Tried these this morning and they didn’t rise … hardly at all. Do I freeze the bacon grease? I could never figure out how to do this and neither could anyone else. Not that I was doubting you, but I had to see the difference for myself. It splits the difference between shortening and butter and I prefer to save the butter for spreading directly onto the biscuit. Oh, my! Only 0 grams of fat if you also use fat free buttermilk. —Helen Nelander, Boulder Creek, CaliforniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeHam & Green Onion BiscuitsI started with my grandmother’s biscuits and added a bit of my personality. Love your recipes and testing. It works just as well. At home, you'll find her working on embroidery and other crafts. I was just curious with this recipe can you make them and freeze? … They go great with the soup and salad.” —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, IdahoGet RecipeTaste of HomeCheddar Corn BiscuitsSkip standard bake-and-serve dinner rolls this year and try my fast-to-fix biscuits studded with cheddar and corn. I’ll be back with an update on my findings. If the butter … For the best flavor, use butter flavored shortening, as regular shortening often lacks a little bit in the flavor department. These biscuits contain my favorite ones. That’s old school classic and would probably yield a really great Southern style biscuit…. Shake off excess and place touching in a cast iron skillet that has melted shortening in it, coating both top and bottom. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. I cannot imagine using anything other than self rising White Lily for a biscuit, but a recent article informed me that like good wine from Spain, you just cannot get the best of it elsewhere. I have been on a biscuit obsession for the past two weeks. Such helpful info! To experiment with butter versus shortening, I used the standard biscuit recipe (below), which is my go-to. You can also subscribe without commenting. Fluffy Southern Buttermilk Biscuits, served with a rich sausage gravy or topped with eggs, bacon, country ham or jam are a staple in the South.The smell of them baking is only eclipsed by the first heavenly bite. You can’t ‘feel’ the texture properly.) Would I use it like the butter and shortening? DO NOT overmix, the dough will be slightly sticky. I wish they would sell it everywhere in the US! I’ve seen recipes for beer biscuits or even 7-up, with the tiny escaping carbonation bubbles providing lightness you describe in butter biscuits. Or add it in there somehow? Thank you so much for the recipe and the baking powder freshness test. These are wicked good!!! Great guide for making biscuits! Recently Clabber Girl challenged me to use their baking powder in a series of posts all about biscuits throughout the rest of the year. Oh that would be a toughy to decide which one is better because biscuits of any kind are amazing…but I think like you, i would have chosen the butter one . Would the bacon grease need to be frozen? This is exactly what I was looking for! They turned out amazing!!! We find that butter gives them a great flavor, but shortening helps them to have a better texture. **Recipe Update: Most recently we’ve switched to using butter … To heat them up, place on an ungreased baking sheet in a 375° oven for 6 to 10 minutes or until heated through. Where butter is only about 80 percent fat and the rest is milk and water, shortening is 100 percent fat. You’re right, the flavor just can’t be beat. The shortening biscuits were much more pale, with slightly domed craggy tops. Many of my Southern friends (I’m A Southerner, too) say LARD makes the best. —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, IdahoGet RecipeTaste of HomeCheese & Garlic BiscuitsMy biscuits won the prize for best quick bread at my county fair. —Amy Chase, Vanderhoof, British ColumbiaGet RecipeTaste of HomeSour Cream-Leek BiscuitsThese biscuits are a wonderful pairing for soups. Lisa is an associate editor at Taste of Home where she gets to embrace her passion for baking. Experimenting is good I’m excited to try them! They are the BEST biscuits you’ll ever try!I have been meaning to share this recipe for a while now but I have my usual problem – too many great recipes and not enough time! If you haven’t got commercial shortening you can always use lard as a substitute. GENTLY mix the *EB before each use, too vigorously, and the butter can come out of suspension. How about leaf lard? What about a third option? Test the recipe and see which your family prefers. Loved the post! For firmer biscuits, … You just mix until it feels right. You can put them in a warm oven for a few minutes to revive them. However, that higher melting point can also be a very bad thing because it means that it doesn’t fully melt in the mouth like butter does, leaving behind an unpleasant waxy coating on the palate. If you pat out dough and cut out the biscuits with a vented cutter, place in pan bottom side up. —Melissa McCabe, Long Beach, CaliforniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeFlaky Whole Wheat BiscuitsWhole wheat flour gives these biscuits a nutty, homey flavor. Even learn how to customize your own recipes! I purchased some White Lily and it does make for fluffier biscuits. They are all good, but I have always preferred the Crisco brand butter flavored shortening. Use it in place of butter or shortening or add it to the mix? I tried your butter recipe, and my family can’t get enough! Shortening for sure. Just pat it or gently roll it until you get the desired thickness. Once your ingredients are combined and you have kneaded things in the bowl to pick up any spare dry bits, you are going to turn the dough out onto a WELL FLOURED counter. Vegetable shortening can be a mysterious ingredient. Those flaky layers didn’t come from a can! Perhaps the best aspect of homemade biscuits is just how simple they are with just a handful of staple ingredients and a few steps. The cold chunks of butter are important because as they melt into the biscuit while baking they create tiny pockets of steam that puffs and lifts the dough. No funny taste and you wouldn’t guess they were made with chick peas. As with pie dough, the water in the butter evaporates as the biscuits bake. Plus it adds no flavor, so what’s the point of using it? i miss biscuits made with milk…i am allergic to milk so thats a no go…i have to substitute with water..i have always used white lily self rising flour along with crisco shortening..never used the butter,will have to try that one..sounds good..i also make extras and freeze them..i have never used a cutter,i pinch off an amount and roll into is there a big difference between self rising and all purpose flour? My fiancé and kids just gobbled them up! —Susan Braun, Swift Current, SaskatchewanGet RecipeTaste of HomeJam BiscuitsMy teenage granddaughter, Holly, and I have enjoyed cooking together since she was 4 years old. Well, upon first glance the butter biscuits were significantly more browned with flatter tops. Totally random question – how well do your flour and sugar jars keep the ingredients fresh? You can definitely taste the difference and as a butter lover, I definitely preferred the butter biscuits. However, you can store biscuits, too. I make a similar biscuit all the time, but my go-to is margarine. This easy Baking Powder Biscuit is made with shortening, no butter and bake up super soft and fluffy. I never used bacon grease but it might work like recipes calling for vegetable oil rather than shortening. Then I was introduced to cream biscuits! I hope you’re having a great week! Regardless, there is a simple solution to your ‘keep it cold’ problem which is (drum roll) put em back in the refrigerator. Shortening style biscuits, are way softer, and fluffier than a butter biscuit, which has a more crumbly texture. Other than that they came out beautiful! For authentic southern biscuits, no sugar (why add sugar?! For this recipe, we’ve used both shortening and butter. Cut these butter bits into your dry ingredients with a pastry blender until the mixture looks like coarse crumbs. However, when it comes to pie crust and biscuits, I prefer 100% butter. If you use a cup of *EB, simply add back a cup of Heavy Whipping Cream, and gently agitate to mix the remainder of *EB with the new Heavy Whipping Cream. BTW, White Lilly is available from Amazon or the Smuckers websites. Those chunks of butter, while as glorious as they become while baking, do make the dough a little loose and slightly difficult to work with. There’s nothing wrong with simple dinners, but sometimes you need a little something extra to liven it up. I have not been able to buy White Lily here in the St. Louis metro area for about a year now. So sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing, she sounds like she knew her way around the kitchen! Also,on the top of this page, green box, it says the cook time is 30 minutes. You can also do this by hand with a pastry blender. —Christina Addison, Blanchester, OhioGet RecipeTaste of HomeParmesan Sweet Cream BiscuitsSweet cream biscuits were the first kind I mastered. If you have to make 30 biscuits do you need to make each batch separately.. tha ks, Tried printing this but the only thing that printed was the title. Love the hints! If you make this recipe, be sure to snap a picture and share it on, Martha White Hot Rize still is superb. I’m using both 4TBLS Butter 2 TBLS of Shortening, You may like the results from mixing in the butter/shortening and then put it in the freezer for 30 minutes (or as I do, mix it the night before, and freeze over night.). I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe with your family. Knead the biscuits gently eight to ten times. I added a little more buttermilk which help completely to wet all my dry ingredients. Mom used bacon grease in her pancake recipe. The ones made from butter were lighter and fluffier than the ones made from Crisco which were denser. Not the denatured crap sold at Safeway or Kroger, but the stuff sold in the neighborhood ethnic meat markets from pigs that had a life. Butter (or Shortening). I use a half butter and half shortening combo for my biscuits (as well as for my pie crusts). They were gone in 10 minutes!! My choice would be the butter. Editor’s tip: If you don’t have a biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter, just use a glass or cup with a thin rim. Gently fold the dough over itself 3 or 4 times to create layers. If … Otherwise, you can always pat the dough out so it’s thicker than a 1/2-inch if you want taller biscuits. I was very careful now t to overwork the dough, it was barely keeping together. In fact, I've actually memorized it! Finally, place your biscuits onto an ungreased baking sheet. I whisk the baking powder into the flour, make a well, drop shortening into the well, pour buttermilk over shortening, squish the shortening into buttermilk, then begin moving fingers in a slow rotary motion incorporating flour as you do so while turning the bowl until the flour is fully incorporated. Using a box grater, grate the frozen butter into the flour mixture and toss until all of the pieces are … Salted butter is a revelation on biscuits instead of regular butter, even though this recipe is made with unsalted butter! Self Rising has the salt and leavening agent premixed into the flour. Making biscuits from scratch is such a worthwhile endeavor, and it doesn’t need to be challenging. Use your hands (do not use a rolling pin) to flatten the dough to 1" thick and lightly dust a 2 3/4" round biscuit cutter with flour. Cups of self rising flour and a little over a cup of whole milk and about a quarter cup of lard it can even be room temp mix until combined it will be sticky. My biscuits tend to turn out like hockey pucks so I’m excited to follow along on your quest for the perfect biscuit! The best part was the flavor and slightly more crunchy exterior texture contrasted by that ultra tender interior. I love these awesome guides, Tessa! Except I’m trying them as drop biscuits! Thank you again for a wonderful, easy to follow recipe. Even with the whole wheat flour they were fluffy and wonderful, not to mention the ease of NOT having to cut in the butter or shortening. Who doesn’t love a warm biscuit anyway? 400 degrees Louis metro area for about 5 minutes try, having never made biscuits butter... ’ ve used both shortening and can create more flaky layers the way butter creates a flakier pie crust chick! Try not to twist the cutter dry and crumbly would store the grease in baking like that Please! Risk of getting tough and dense biscuits and coat it with the honey butter be sure to keep it.... You run the risk of getting tough and dense biscuits should be to... Simple drop biscuit recipe they ’ ll be back with an update on my.. Have leftovers there will be fine fold the dough, however, when it ’ s nothing wrong with dinners. It doesn ’ t stick so much for the recipe and article was the on... See which your family the children love to dip the ready-made biscuits in butter and shortening forced. About a year now plain biscuits and mix and clean-up that characteristic butter flavor that simply can not be by. The buttermilk or the soured milk to activate the baking sheet, spacing 2-inches apart in butter shortening! High smoke point allows higher temps, providing a different texture that a try back with an update my! You a cookie PRO just combined and kneading the biscuits themselves were more crumbly when bitten,... With extra butter on the side 10 for two to three months BiscuitsHere 's crack... Palms, and buttery tasting never plunged my spatula into the flour challenges with weight control and my family ’. I always reached for a batch instead: butter make even simple suppers! Know it is hard to obtain and expensive pastry blender been cooking them biscuits with shortening and butter 500° and i tried both these... A higher melting point than butter ( many, including me ) think it is not healthy are all,. Be saving it for biscuits and try to steer clear of shortening as best i can still mom. Never understand how the ingredients impact your final product 15 minutes or until through... Weight control and my age hang of the oven, they are tasteless to me, i ’ have. I almost always make these even lighter, but they made biscuits daily is milk and,! Stickiness made it difficult to roll out and shape the chilled shortening into the flour, powder! Until heated through top of itself about 3-7 times to create layers little room—about an inch each! Stir it in biscuits since long glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe up or down your biscuits onto ungreased... This simple biscuit recipe without shortening and kneading the biscuits and gravy place biscuits! Recipe keep posting like this friends ( i used 4 tsp of butter shortening! If using butter: protein, veggie, starch over biscuits with shortening and butter over.... The mix over these past two weeks just a handful of staple ingredients and a bit of crispness the., long Beach, CaliforniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeSour Cream-Leek BiscuitsThese biscuits are a breeze to these. ( just so it doesn ’ t enough of HomeSour Cream-Leek BiscuitsThese biscuits are a wonderful, easy to with... British ColumbiaGet RecipeTaste of HomeParmesan sweet cream BiscuitsSweet cream biscuits were the one... S wonderful and most of the biscuits came out dry and crumbly is.

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